What I'm up to this week (April 16, 2017)

Perhaps a bit out of order this week, but I've been busy putting together the first few pages for a new project! Learn all about my new Legacy Fortran modernization project here. I've so far put together a running version of the 1D FEM code in Fortran 2008, but I'm waiting to hear back from one of the authors to make sure that the results are correct. Still a lot of work to do to both to get the code to a place where I'd really be happy with it and to extend it to the 2D and 3D cases. But first, let's check to make sure what I have so far is correct.

Otherwise, I still owe a review of the last third of the Introduction to Programming with Fortran book, along with a review of the book overall. I'm also getting started on the unum book, along with reading a book on Fortran style and best practices.

If there's any time left after all that in the next few days, there's still Probably approximately correct to get through, as well as the project my friend suggested that I said I would help with (and more details on that once I get a better handle on it myself). Let's see what I get to.