What I'm up to this week (April 30, 2017),_especially_in_Tennessee,_1800-1845_BHL22137733.jpg,_especially_in_Tennessee,_1800-1845_BHL22137733.jpg

I may have missed last week's update by a bit. OK, fine, I missed it entirely, but hear me out! I was back home visiting family, and on top of that I've been working through two projects. I've previously mentioned the FEM example code modernization, but I'm also doing my own implementation of the Unum number type as described by John Gustafson in The End of Error. I have code up for both on Github, but the "official announcement" for the Unum project I'm planning to put out tomorrow. I'm excited to experiment with unums (and hopefully implementing them in Fortran should give me the speed to do so) and, of course, sharing my findings on here.

So, as per usual, my main objectives for the week are:

  1. Review sample data from Dr. Pepper on the 1D FEM code, look into any (inevitable) differences in results.
  2. Continue reading End of Error and implementing the prototype into Fortran. My goal for the week is get through at least basic math (addition, subtraction, etc.)
  3. Write Part 3 of the review for Introduction to Programming with Fortran. This has gone on for too long and I want to get it out of the way already.

I want to spend the next week or two prioritizing wrapping up loose threads where possible. There's a big project I have my eye on, and I want the small stuff out of the way before I start on it. More to follow on that later, of course.