What I'm up to this week (April 9, 2017)

A bit of a delayed update, but it's been quite a busy week so far, so things have been a bit pushed back. Last week I did manage to finish reading Introduction to Programming with Fortran, although there's still a couple chapters whose examples I need to work through. Still, expect that review to be coming this week, along with an overall review at some point. I've also figured out two projects I want to do, and will try to fill out the projects page with some info about them. In general then, my plan for the week is:

  1. Wrap up reviewing Introduction to Programming with Fortran.
  2. Create new project pages for the unums and FEM update projects and post initial descriptions of them.
  3. If I can, finish off Probably Approximately Correct and continue reading through Modern Fortran.

I will also try to continue with that project I'm working on with a friend, and unfortunately there's been no word back on a particular piece of software I thought it would be interesting to investigate, but I'll be sure to share that if I hear anything. Otherwise, I'll just not overcomplicate things and focus on a shorter list.