What I'm up to this week (May 7, 2017)

So as the image for this update implies, I might not be getting a lot of work done this week. Since I got my (new) laptop, I've been having intermittent crashes that seem to imply something is wrong with the hard drive access. Fortunately, it's still under warranty so I'm dropping it off at the shop for a few days. The crashes are more annoying than anything else, but no reason to let it fester until it becomes a real problem at some critical moment. Because of course that's what would happen, it's just science.

So, as a result, I may not make much progress this week. I am, however, planning on doing a fair amount of reading. The usual fun stuff; Fortran style and usage, CFD software user manuals, adjoint solver papers, the usual.

That being said, I did get a fair amount done this past week. The third and final review of Introduction to Programming with Fortran is now available. I also got some files to test the legacy Fortran project against, and so it's now been updated on GitHub. On top of all of that, I posted a description and where to find the code I've developed so far for my Fortran unums project. So not bad for going into a "cheat week".

And, as always, I may have some interesting updates coming up, so I'll be sure to share them once I'm able.