What I'm up to this week (March 5, 2017)

Not a particularly Earth-shattering update, but largely I'm up to the same thing this week as last. I've also made myself a schedule, so woo planning!

My three main goals for the week are:

  1. Get a review done for the book on Julia that I'm currently reading
  2. Post my progress through a Fortran book
  3. Start posting some basic material on gerrymandering in preparation for going more in depth on that topic

So, generally the same as last week, but a bit more concrete. I may still do some posts on the backgrounds of these languages, but that may be better as part of a "Project" one day. For now I just want to document what I'm up to without having to worry too much about building a cohesive story just yet. At the same time, if there's something people are dying for me to explain, I'll make sure to do so.